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Faculty and Staff-List of All


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Faculty and Staff-List of All

Faculty and Staff 


Ms. Megan Brock Art mbrock@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

Mrs. Kacie Brumbaugh

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1st Grade kbrumbaugh@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

Mrs. Mary Boeller

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Principal mboeller@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Ms. Belinda BollingerInserted Image Cook bbollinger@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Wendy BollingerInserted Image Teacher Aide wbollinger@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

*Mrs. Jennifer Byrum

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2nd Grade jbyrum@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

Mr. Corey Campbell

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Jr. High At-Risk ccampbell@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us


Mr. Terry Childers

High School Bus Driver  
Mr. Mike CoffmanInserted Image Maintenance maintenance@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

Mrs. Jennifer Conklin

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Kindergarten and Parents As Teachers jconklin@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

Mrs. Stephanie CraftInserted Image

Special Services Coordinator scraft@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

Mrs. Janet Criddle

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5th Grade jcriddle@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
 *Mrs. Laura DeJournettInserted Image Language, Jr. High ldejournett@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us


Mr. Steve Dillingham

High School Bus Driver  
Mr. Scott DuncanInserted Image 5th Grade sduncan@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Gretchen DunivanInserted Image Music gdunivan@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Mary DunlapInserted Image Cook  

*Ms. Sydney Dzurny

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Jr. High Math sdzurny@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

Mrs. Linda Farrow

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Bookkeeper/Secretary to Board of Ed. lfarrow@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us


Mrs. Wendy Fitzpatrick

Elementary Bus Driver  

Mrs. Pat Fornkohl

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Cook pfornkohl@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mr. Craig FrieseInserted Image Maintenance maintenance@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Stephanie ByrdInserted Image Kindergarten and Parents As Teachers sinman@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

*Mrs. Abbi Hall

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Computers, Jr. High akarcher@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Susan KochInserted Image 1st Grade skoch@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
 Mrs. Barbara KinderInserted Image Nurse bkinder@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Ms. Amy KriegerInserted Image Communication Arts/Gifted akrieger@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

Mrs. Jill Lynn

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Technology Coordinator jlynn@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Katelyn MartinInserted Image 4th Grade kmartin@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
*Mrs. Rhonda McClanahanInserted Image Counselor rmcclanahan@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Ms. Pat NelsonInserted Image Librarian pnelson@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
 Mrs. Wendi OrensteinInserted Image 3rd Grade worenstein@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Ms. Jane Painton Bus Driver  
Mr. Darryl PannierInserted Image Superintendent dpannier@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

Mr. Zech Payne

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Jr. High Social Studies zpayne@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us


Mr. Matthew Poole

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Maintenance maintenance@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Ms. Brittany PowellInserted Image Interpreter   
Ms. Sue ReesInserted Image Special Services srees@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
 Mrs. Lori ReinagelInserted Image Special Services lreinagel@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Trisha Schneider Special Services tschneider@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Emma SeabaughInserted Image Teacher Aide eseabaugh@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Laura SeyerInserted Image Title I Communication Arts lseyer@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

Ms. Jordan Smith

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3rd Grade



Mrs. Sandy Smith

Elementary Bus Driver  
Mrs. Marsha SparksInserted Image Deaf Instructor  
Mrs. Becky SteinInserted Image Math Title I/Curriculum Coordinator bstein@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us


Mr. Tyson Stoverink


Jr. High Science  tstoverink@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Ms. Katrina TinsleyInserted Image 4th Grade ktinsley@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mrs. Melanie WatkinsInserted Image School Secretary mwatkins@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

Mrs. Ursulla Wadley

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2nd Grade uwadley@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us
Mr. Chris WinklerInserted Image PE/Coach cwinkler@nellholcomb.k12.mo.us

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