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School Supplies


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Supply List 2013-2014

School Supplies

Nell Holcomb School

Supply List 2013-2014 School Year



1st Grade

2-pocket folders

70 page wide ruler notebook

24 # 2 pencils

Crayons 24 pack

4oz. glue

Small school box


2-boxes of tissues

Large eraser

150 sheets notebook paper

1 -1 inch binder


2nd Grade

Box of #2 pencils

Crayons 24 pack


School box



Large eraser

2-pocket folders

Spiral notebook – 70 pgs -wide ruled

Notebook Paper 400 Sheets -wide ruled


1-dry erase marker

1-1 inch binder


3rd Grade

Box of #2  pencils

Large pink eraser

Crayons 24 pack

Markers 8-10 pack

Colored pencils -optional

2-4 dry erase marker

Glue small bottle

1-glue stick

School box

3 – 70 page wide ruled spiral notebooks

2 boxes tissues

3 - pocket folders

Spiral notebook – 70 pgs -wide ruled

Notebook Paper 300 sheets - wide ruled


4th Grade

12- #2 pencils

Red grading pens

Wide ruled notebook paper 600 sheets

Colored pencils


Standard size school box


4- pocket folders

Pink eraser


3 ring pencil pouch

6-dry erase markers

2- boxes of tissue

1-1 inch binder

1-composition notebook

1-spiral notebook


5th Grade

12-#2 Pencils

Crayons 16 pack

Colored pencils set

Protractor transparent

Ruler with metric and inches transparent


School box



2-Pocket folders

Notebook paper 400 sheets -wide ruled

6-Dry erase markers

6-Red checking pen or pencils

2-Composition notebooks





6, 7, 8th Grade

Notebook paper 400 sheets-wide ruled

5 Dual Pocket Folders with 3 ring fasteners to keep notes in for each class- General Music, Language, Literature, Social Studies, & Science

Spiral notebook

2 Boxes of kleenex to give to homeroom

Pens black or blue

Red grading pens

Pencils with erasers

Book covers 5


Language Arts – 100  pack lined 3x5 note cards

Composition book 100 pages- highlighters


7th grade only 2 inch binder for 2nd semester

Poetry portfolios


Math- 1 inch 3 ring binder

4 square inch - 1 package 5pack notebook dividers

Ruler metric/inches for home use

Calculator (optional)


Literature – 1 package notebook dividers








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